Game Server Engineer

Application Requirements

We use PHP/Python and other scripting languages for game serverside development. If you have experience with social games, MMO development or management experience in this field, please apply for this position.
We openly welcome those with experience inPhoton or other multiplayer game server development and deployment, or work with AWS cloud services, especially high-load games for large company games.
There is no problem if you would like to communicate in English within the company.
Work with the server engineering team to help design and build successful, scalable services that back free to play games on iOS and Android.
Implement reusable server side systems that drive game features.
Help build web based tools used by game designers and producers to operate games.
Write clean, professional, and maintainable code.
Toubleshoot complex problems as they arise, construct solutions to unforeseen design problems in a timely manner.
Proactively problem-solve performance and stability issues when necessary.
Perform other related duties and special projects as assigned.
3+ years experience in Java, node.js, PHP, Python or Ruby.
Deep knowledge of data structures, algorithms and design patterns and how to apply them to the problem at hand.
Ability to identify and correct performance bottlenecks on a live system.
Curiosity that drives you to continually learn new things.
Ability to communicate effectively and work as part of a team.
Strong team player with a positive attitude, highly motivated, analytical and creative, self-starter.
Other skills / Abilities
Solid understanding of Unix/Linux.
Deep experience with secure, scalable RESTful API design and development for mobile games.
Experience with database design and scaling for write-heavy workloads.
Experience operating production services in AWS or another cloud environment.
Working knowledge of Unity.
Experience with DynamoDB or other NoSQL datastores at scale.
Experience with Go.
Our company pays all employees a fair wage.
Working Hours
10:00 - 19:00 (8 hours)
2 days off a week (Saturday, Sundays, Holidays)
Retirement Plan / Pension Plan (DC) / NISA / Private Retirement Savings / Group Life Insurance / Housing Allowanc / Residency Allowance / Corporate Sports Club / Breakfast Program / Book Sales Assistance Program / Certification Assistance Program / Fees for Seminars-Event Participation

Application Information

We do not inquire about school history, gender, or nationality.
Age: 18-35
Required Documents
  1. Resume/CV
  2. Work History
  3. Portfolio of Past Work, if available
Selection Process
  1. Submit required documents
  2. Document review
  3. Skype Interview
  4. Offer
  • It takes roughly 1-2 weeks to review documents of applicants.
  • Even if you do not pass, we send all candidates an email detailing their results.
  • Please be aware that we are unable to send any submitted physical documents back to applicants.

To apply, please send your resume and portfolio to this email address.